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Yuán Qì Tec Projects

Yuán Qì Tec Projects

YuánQì® Tec

YuánQì® is employed to optimize the flow of energy in your body, to reduce the use of force for moving forward, and thereby reduce the risk of getting injury, while maximizing the benefits of mindful movement and healthy living. You don’t need to know anything about Qi to benefit from all the products and services we offer. You can, however, benefit directly from the wisdom gleaned by millions of people for millennia who have studied and practiced the flow of qi through the body.


Great strides can be made to direct and improve the flow of qi with simple exercises and practices. It is always worth the effort. For instance, when your structure is aligned with good posture and your muscles and joints are relaxed, qi energy will flow through your body in an unobstructed life-giving way. It is amazing how well our body responds to proper care even if we’ve neglected it or been abusive for a long time. This is part of the function of Qi.


Qi Energy Generator

The "Qi energy transformer" can be used across the spectrum of life and energy in the field of medical informations like (Radionics, Homeopathy, Bioresonance, flower essences, etc.). Here are some examples of the information transmission:

  • Vitalization of food
  • Copy of compounds
  • Energizing of liquids
  • Energizing of objects
  • Radionic Transmission


The transfer of information is a subtle methods of information an integral part of medicine and naturopathy. Not the substances themselves, but only their vibrations are applied to carrier substances. In addition, flower essences and radionic information can be transmitted. Also the bioresonance (EAV Mora) operates at this level.

Human Qi Series

Qi Generator

We offer you the opportunity to use your own "Qi Generator". Take advantage of the qi generator in the private and/or in the business field. It's up to you what items you want to provided with the "Qi energy".

Qi energy


Pets Qi Series

Qi Products (Reseller)

Use our 'Qi Generator" for finishing the range of products or expand your product range. Or are you interested in a private label? The decision is yours. We'll give you the best support in all areas of product refinement.

Qi energy


Flora Qi Series

Qi Products (Consumer)

You are interested to buy Qi energy products?

We not offer any products for consumers, but you can purchase products with the "Qi energy" in the following shops ...


Qi energy