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YuánQì® Tec

YuánQì® Tec

YuánQì® Tec

YuánQì® Tec, the parent company to the revolutionary body movement techniques, YuánQì® Tec, is dedicated to teach people how to live and move from their center. YuánQì® Tec encourages people of all ages and fitness levels to improve their lives through pain-free fitness, low stress lifestyles and high-quality nutrition. Founders Soraya de Vries and Jörg-Owe Schneppat have a combined expertise in holistic living and wellness, enabling everyone enhanced life experience through mindful living.


Our Team is a panel of health care professionals who agree with and approve of the YuánQì® Tec. Our Team use the techniques themselves, and in many cases, "prescribe" our products to their patients to reduce pain, prevent surgery and maintain mobility.


Our Mission:

To provide service excellence, unsurpassed professionalism, and the depth of knowledge fundamental to being a team that can learn, practice, and progress together. To build a work environment where each person is valued, respected, and has the opportunity for personal and professional growth. To commit to the health, well-being, and success of our staff, physicians, patients, community partners, friends and customers. To maintain a respected presence of quality service/products, as well as a tradition of caring.


So who are we?

We are a young, dynamic Team distributed all over the world. Through our close collaboration with experts in the field of Qi, do we have the ability to offer our partners and customers the newest generation of Qi products.


We specialized on comprehensive analysis of the trends that will influence the way health and social care is delivered in future. Our aim is to ensure that our time to think differently is rooted in a clear understanding of the issues that will drive change.

YuánQì® Tec Team

Our Team

The Yuán Qì Tec Team:

  • Lu Wang (CN)
  • Kim Yiling (CN)
  • Igme Nanang (PH)
  • Soraya de Vries (NL)
  • Dr. Alvin Stanton (US)
  • Dolores Caljecha (BR)
  • Takashi Murakami (JP)
  • Bogdan Vilcinskas (RU)
The Company

The Company

The company behind YuánQì® Tec:


Future Trends

  • Meyner Strasse 24
  • 24980 Schafflund
  • Germany
  • CEO: Jörg-Owe Schneppat
Distribution of YuánQì Tec

Distribution of YuánQì Tec

Distribution of YuánQì products by: